The Flexible Experience

  • FEMI-CZ 0 Series

    The FEMI-CZ 0 series of supports is easy and fast to install and, thanks to the wide range of items (supports, channels, brackets, fastening accessories, special bolts and nuts, etc.) adapts to diverse installation typologies. The series can be manufactured in carbon sheet steel galvanized Sendzimir, also painted, or hot-dip galvanized after manufacture or in AISI 304 or 316L stainless steel. Almost all the items are available in stock.

  • FEMI 3 Series

    FEMI 3 cable tray system is our standard system for the distribution and protection of cables in the civil and industrial plants. It is produced in closed or perforated version, with cut-preventing, ribbed and strengthened rim, complete with all the basic accessories (bends, derivations, …) and special accessories (skew bends, articulated bends, etc. …..). The items of this series allow a fast installation even on difficult routes. They are all available in stock, ready for delivery.

  • CZ 4 Series

    FEMI-CZ 4 cable tray system is made of wire or mesh trays. These products have various points of strength such as a great versatility, practicality in handling and installation, high cable ventilation. They need very few accessories and can be adapted to every cable route with simple cutting and bending operations of the rod irons on site. Almost all the versions and dimensions are available in stock, ready for delivery.