Hot-Dip Galvanizing

Anticorrosive coating of hot galvanizing applied through dipping after manufacture on fi nished products. By previous treatments of degreasing, pickling, washing, flushing, and pre-heating, therefore the process takes place through dipping into a zinc bath cast at about 450°C, cooling in the air or in the water and, finally, passivation. Normally even defl ashing and fi nal check operations are carried out. The minimum local thickness of the galvanizing is 50 μm for the CEI 7-6 norm and 35 μm for the ISO 1461 norm, measured according to the ASTM 123/A (inch-pound units) or ASTM 123M (SI units) norms. Anyway it is possible to increase the thickness, within certain limits, by adjusting the bath temperature and/or the dipping time. Since it is a hot process at about 450°C, while the anticorrosive protection will be total in any way, the danger of small deformations and/or imperfections, even due to the item design, remains impending and the fi nal customers shall in regard them. It is recommended for external, marine, rural, industrial or internal installations with an aggressive environment.

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