Sendzimir Galvanizing

Anticorrosive coating obtained through the hot-dip galvanizing after rolling of the steel, with a “continuous” process of: surface preparation, dipping into cast zinc at about 450°C, roll forming and chromating; these last two phases are necessary for the surface fi nishingoff and the maximum polishing and corrosion resistance
(DIN 17162, UNI-EN 10327). The zinc coating thickness is normally about 15 μm for the Z 200 type (200 gr/m2) and about 20 μm for the Z 275 type (275 gr/m2). This type of galvanizing also guarantees
sufficiently the anticorrosive protection in the zones of shearing of the rolled section, having however thickness equal or lower than 3 mm, thanks to the zinc that acts, functioning as an anode, turning into form of zinc oxide that migrates covering the cutting surfaces. It is recommended for inside installations in a dry environment with a very low presence of aggressive contaminating agents.


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