Cable tray supports and cable duct supports

Cable tray supports and cable duct supports

The suspension systems proposal offers many possible combinations in order to respond to the most diverse situations in the installation sites, satisfying the needs of both electrical and hydraulic plants.

For each family of products (supports, channels and brackets), different typologies of items are available and they actually cover the necessities of all the normal types of installation.

Our know-how and our experience are very often used for the production of items on specific request: supports, channels and special brackets, with dimensions, materials and treatments, not present in this catalogue, can be carried out without difficulty and in reasonable short times.


Roof and floor supports, adjustable, connection plates, bolts and screws, fastening and wiring harness



Metal Strip and L, Ω, U, UR channels


3,0÷6,0 m


0,8÷4,0 mm




Standard, high load capacity, tunnel applications


50÷1000 mm


1,2÷4,0 mm



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Flexibility of use

The various series of support elements, even if not all of them, are conceived to be installed on all the three canonical axes: X, Y and Z. The bolted structures, thanks to their modularity, can be easily put around the ideal load position.

Cheapness and reliability

The equipment necessary for the installation is really minimum. The components are simple and easy to install even by not much specialized personnel; if perfectly used, the installation is fast and reliable. The great advantage of the modular systems remains the possibility to implement and/or change the choices already made, to dismantle and to reuse (if not damaged) the components already used.

Compliance with regulations

The suspension systems comply with the requirements of the "CE" European Norms Low Tension Norm 2014/35/CE and meet the safety and performance requirements of the international standard IEC 61537.

Construction of a suspension

A suspension usually consists of a support, channel and bracket. It can be on the ceiling or on the wall, at an inclined plane or floor. To complete, there are some essential accessories for the junction, connection and fixing of the entire system.


The packing of products is nearly always made in a standard form; sometimes it is made so that to optimise the overall volume and in case of brackets and/or channels, for example, it is made by coupling the pieces or by inserting them one inside the other one.
In other cases, for example for the supports or for the small parts in general, the packing is made by means of personalized cardboard boxes, closed with adhesive tape, on which a label with the codes of the items contained is put.
Nearly always the packages are put on wooden pallets.
When possible, packages and pallets are protected with transparent extensible film.

Useful instruments

On request, detailed technical data sheets are provided on the mechanical characteristics of the channels and also the graphs about the load capacity of the brackets, useful and essential work tools for design firms.
Many installation examples have been developed as valid suggestions for the world of installers.

Fields of application



Chemical plants

Power generation plants

Motorway and railway tunnels/undergrounds

Industrial buildings

Industrial automation plants for the production process