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metallic cable trays

Customized metallic cable tray solutions for large plants, large works and standard products suitable for industrial and civil installations.


We focus on our dreams to turn them into your goals.

Thanks to over forty years of experience and daily dedication to work, we are the ideal partner for both the distributor of electrical material and for installers and/or big users.

Our products, our focus!

We manufacture metallic cable tray systems in the following types: solid bottom cable trays (perforated and closed), ladder trays and mesh trays, in different structural dimensions and material qualities. The standard commercial proposal is integrated by the creation of customized solutions, dedicated to large plants and large works.

Productivity and Flexibility are our trademark.

Standard | Cable Trays

The standard cable trays of the FEMI 3 (FEMI-CZ) and CC / CF (Steel Line CMS) series are the ideal means for the distribution and protection of cables in civil and industrial plants.


Custom | Cable Trays

The customized cable trays of the CZ 1 series are the ideal solution for the systems engineering of large works, especially in the transport, energy and oil & gas sectors.


Wire Mesh Cable Trays

Also known as mesh trays, their points of strength are great lightness, practicality and ventilation of the cables, as well as extreme ease during installation.


Ladder Trays

The ladder trays are suitable for the construction of systems where medium and large section cables are used, with high load capacities required.

Elementi di supporto per canaline e passerelle portacavi

Support Elements for Cable Trays

The FEMI-CZ 0 series is easy and quick to install and, thanks to the wide range of items (channels, supports, brackets, fastening accessories, special screws, etc…), suitable for solving any system layout.

Naval Cable Trays

Line of products dedicated to the naval sector. Different types of materials and specific surface finishes are used.
Canale portacavi in vetroresina

Cable Trays in GRP

World leading brand EBO SYSTEMS produce items in GRP (fiberglass reinforced polyester resin mix), both pressed and pultruded and marketed by FEMI-CZ exclusively for Italy.


With determination we dedicate ourselves to the constant search for innovative solutions combined with attention to the aesthetic / functional impact, safety and resistance in time.

Here you can find some of our projects.



News: Price List 2024

Dear Customer,we inform you that as of January the 1st 2024 the new "2024" price list will come into force both for FEMI-CZ and for Steel...

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Dear Customer,we inform you that as of January the 1st 2023 the new "2023" price list will come into force both for FEMI-CZ and for Steel...