Integrated Management System for Quality, Environment and Safety in the Workplace

The activities in the delicate fields of environment and work safety, crucial in FEMI-CZ sustainability view, find coordination and orientation in the Quality, Environment and work Safety integrated management System, which has obtained the certifications ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

The conformity with the certifications requirements witnesses the search for a continuous improvement, that guarantees coherence with the engagements in the company policies.
The integrated system covers 100% of FEMI-CZ S.p.A. activities.

Download the document "Company Policy for Quality, Environment and Safety"

Product certificates


FEMI-CZ pursues the improvement of the production and management quality with a cultural and practical attention felt at all the organization levels.

In 1996 this engagement brought to the achievement of the Quality Management System certification according to the ISO 9002 norm and now certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 norm.
The organization engagement turned to the continuous improvement is reconfirmed by the product certification according to the international standard IEC 61537, from the IMQ body, for all the series of FEMI-CZ products; this result is a a primacy in the national territory.


FEMI-CZ elevate the "environment factor" among the strategic variants of the company management. A correct management, that is fully integrated in the more general company management, of the problems of environmental type connected with the industrial activity is effectively essential for the daily management of the activities.
In order to meet these necessities FEMI-CZ are equipped with an instrument that is able to get the complexity of the correlations existing between each single phase and action of the production process and the environmental reality in which FEMI-CZ operate.
FEMI-CZ search for the optimization of their company processes so that to guarantee the respect of the necessities of envinronmental conservation both in term of prevention and of limitation of the environmental impact and of consumption of resources, as well as they promote a higher environmental awareness, with the organizations they cooperate with, with a view to increase more and more their eco-sustainable status and respond to the new "green economy" logic towards which the whole world is moving. 

technological innovation


The management of health and work safety is an integrating part of FEMI-CZ general management. A health and work safety management system integrates targets and policies for health and safety in the planning and management of production and work system.

FEMI-CZ continuously invests to improve the processes in order to meet the technological innovation but also with the aim to realize the possible improvements in safety equipment, as well as in a continuous training of the staff.
The company cultivates the safety Culture developing the system with the opportunity to transform the activity from a cost to an investment, bringing out the improving aspect that lead to the enhancement of the compay processses.

The system defines the modalities to identify, inside the company organization structure, the responsabilities, the procedures, the processes and the resources for the realization of the preventiion company policy, according to the health and safety norms in force.

Supplier Portal

Within the Quality, Environment and Safety at Work management system, FEMI-CZ has adopted an IT tool for the qualification of its suppliers and contractors, called "Supplier Portal".

The interested partners, by connecting to the web portal and following the instructions contained therein, will be able to independently upload the documentation required for the qualification.