About us

One of the points of strength of FEMI-CZ Group is to conceive the quality of production and technical service as an essential factor for the contruction of their and their customers' commercial success.


FEMI-CZ SpA were born in 1997 from the merger of Cagnoni & Zambelli S.p.A. (1976) and Femi Rovigo S.p.A. (1994), both operating in the sector of metallic cable tray systems. The creator and promoter of business development is the Commendator Francesco Zambelli, who nowadays, assisted by his son and daughter and  the German partners, continues to give his support.
The aim was and is to give a greater service to the electrical systems sector, providing products that are suitable and specific to every design need, both for standard and special installation and also customized according to customer specifications.


FEMI-CZ are able to supply cable tray systems in the types of solid bottom cable trays (perforated and closed), ladder trays and mesh trays, in different structural dimensions and material qualities.
Another important point is certainly flexibility, a necessary condition to meet always  the different requests of our customers, often leaders in their sectors.

The activities in the delicate fields of environment and work safety, crucial in FEMI-CZ sustainability view, find coordination and orientation in the Quality, Environment and work Safety integrated management System, which obtained the certifications ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.
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Steel Line CMS s.r.l.

The company was founded in 1990  to commercialize products with the Latina Canali brand.
In 1998 they joined the Bocchiotti group, thus developing a high sales skill towards the world of distribution,  the brand used was Latina Canali up to 2004.
Since 2005 Latina Canali has become a product line of the general Bocchiotti catalogue under the Steel Line brand.
From 2015 to 2016 they joined the multinational Hager Group. From 2017, due to the sale of the company branch, they were acquired 100% by FEMI-CZ S.p.A.

Our mission

Service, flexibility, quality and company solidity

For over forty years, our mission has been to produce high-performance products, meant for both the most demanding market segment with supplies based on technical specifications and the more common industrial and civil plant engineering with the use of standard cable trays.

The constant search for innovative solutions with the use of different types of materials, the study of technical safety and attention to the aesthetic / functional impact of our products continue to be our main target.

FEMI-CZ continue to invest in the renewal and enhancement of production capacity and in the expansion of logistics and management resources. The growing attention paid to the world of "distribution of electrical material", which has already materialized with recent important agreements, suggests a near future of professional satisfaction and greater presence on the market of metallic cable trays.

Production centers and warehouses

The company is equipped with modern and efficient automated production centers dedicated to the production of standard items with higher rotation, but also of very flexible automatic lines capable of producing large series of customized items. There are obviously many departments with semi-automatic or manual specialized equipment.

All warehouses are mapped and managed in a computerized way and there is a computerized automatic warehouse (not accessible to people) with a volume of 15,000 cubic meters, equivalent to 300 trucks.

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